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Peruse select original works by Jen Bosworth-Ramirez and Gina Pulice, including plays, screenplays, teleplays, books, and monologues. These works are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. All rights reserved.



Have They Opened Their Eyes Yet? 


What if hell isn't other people? What if it's you? In this reimagining of Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit, Gemma wants out - of Sacramento, of her unseemly past, of her repetitive family cycle - yet keeps making choices that keep her tied to all of those things. European-born, quasi-cosmopolitan Ian seems a world apart from Enzo, Gemma's problematic father, but, is he? Just after giving birth to her twins, Enzo's life hangs in the balance. When Ian's secret is revealed, Gemma has no time to ponder the most important decision of her life (cycle).



Monique's part-time job at the funeral home goes from dreary to jaw-dropping when the cremains of two people get accidentally commingled while their grieving loved ones are there to collect them. A play about what we're all left to deal with once the spirit has left the body.




Sophie ducks into the office on a Saturday to pick up some files, only to unexpectedly find her boss, Karl, doing something he decidedly should not be doing. Faced with a choice about how to proceed (call the authorities? record everything on video? fire her?) each of them expose the intractable power dynamics between them.




Married to a workaholic and frustrated at herself for giving up her dreams to follow her husband, Mrs. Claus has ennui.




When a talented bat gets a new job at the Carlsbad Caverns, she must make peace with the Big Bat on Campus. Things are different here, though, and it’s not clear she’s cut out for the Southwest.


The Talkback

It’s a post-show talkback, but the audience is on stage.


The Staging


A long-married on the brink of a divorce couple must work together to sell their house, but what they find in the staging has them rethinking everything.


“Dog Park”


Known for being a steady sort of person, Roxanne, perplexingly, always cries at the dog park.

“Arts Administration”

Toni Falcone just wants to graduate her conservatory program, but this nagging little rage won't leave her.


Mariella is feeling herself with her new veneers when a flying squirrel comes through her open car window.





An adaptation of the play Have They Opened Their Eyes Yet?


The Faintest Star


Carmen, a life-hardened woman rapidly approaching middle age, is forced to reconnect with her newly sober, movie star brother, at the dying wish of their mother. 

Broom Corn Sally


The Dust Bowl. 29 year old Dovie Mae is a mail-order bride from a wide spot in the road in Oklahoma. When her new husband realizes why she had never married, it’s too late to turn back the hands of time or to save anyone from his complicated wife’s uncontrollable impulses. 



Exurban housewife Nicolina develops a relationship with a family of deer she encounters on her daily hikes. Quickly developing a fierce attachment, she is deeply invested in the parallel existence she believes she shares with the doe of the family, and when the boundaries are blurred, Nicolina comes face to face with her own destiny.

Mr. Friday


Freaky Friday meets Mr. Mom. Reina dreams of living the life of her rich neighbor. When the two of them get into a near fatal collision, she finds herself in his body- but it isn’t quite the joyride she imagined.


(Primetime & Kids)





Kiki is a colorful, character driven series about an usual little girl and her unlikely best friend who are coming of age in 1970s Sacramento- a time when American Bandstand and roller skating are all the rage- and a place where America's most notorious serial killers are busy cultivating their craft. 

Agnes of Fraud


About to leave prison after completing a 12 year stint, 54 year old Agnes is plotting her next moves. Eager to “pass” as an upright citizen while still making a killer living, Agnes uses a nonprofit organization as a cover for her multilevel marketing cult.

9 to 25

An adaptation of the classic film, 9 to 25 follows Judy, Violet, and Doralee as they accidentally off Franklin Hart and have to find a way to cover up their crime or else face a life sentence.

Neighborhood Watch


The Bloodhound Gang meets Dennis the Menace. Jenna is an 8 year old neighborhood busybody. She is the eyes and ears of her small Midwestern town. So much so that she often gets herself in trouble with her neighbors and family. One day however, Jenna stumbles upon what she thinks is an actual real crime ring being perpetrated in her neighborhood. Jenna tries to tell the adults in her life but they blow her off, thinking she is just making things up...again.  Jenna turns to her fellow neighborhood kids to help her get to the bottom of the crime ring.





Amelia Bedelia meets The Sixth Sense. 12 year old Amenah dreams of being a baker, but the Toptown Police Department needs her help in solving crimes. When Amenah bakes, she is visited by spirits who send messages to their loved ones through her. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Amenah often mixes up the messages, but when she’s right, there’s no one better.


A serious sort of bulldog, Wallace likes the finer things in life - opera, modern art, and The New Yorker. 10 year old Maya, his human, prefers playing outside. An ace frisbee player, Maya can’t believe she got the one dog who won’t fetch. Determined to change him, Maya enlists the help of a crew of pups to teach Wallace how to have fun.



8 year old Holly’s vivid imagination means she’s never bored, much to the chagrin of 39 year old Dante, her assigned Secret Service agent. Holly keeps Dante forever on his toes when her fabulous stories make it onto the front pages of the Washington Post.

Happy Campers  


City girls themselves, 11 year old twins Sierra and Carmen’s mom and dad LOVE the outdoors. So much so that they buy a family camp in the middle of Nowheresville, California. Now Sierra and Carmen must get used to the great outdoors, help their parents run the family camp and weirdest yet….hang out with BOYS. The Parent Trap meets Meatballs.

Over The Line


A heartfelt story about love and friendship, this is a series about two inspiring little girls. One who lives in Juarez, Mexico and one who lives across the US border in El Paso, Texas. The two meet when the little girl from Texas accompanies her father on a business trip to Juarez one day. There is an instant connection but...can their friendship survive their differences?




8 year old Piper has a flair for the dramatic. She regularly describes things as “amazing”, “fantastic”, or “devastating”. So no one believes her when something truly unbelievable happens.

Get it, Tuni! a sing-song story.


Potemkin Stillage


A man is mourning the death of his father while his mother, still living, darts furtively toward her own death, teasing her son and testing his loyalty.

Why Not Me...Love, Cancer and Jack White - A Memoir 


Based on Jen Bosworth-Ramirez’s solo show by the same name. This memoir is a dark comedic romp through one woman’s experiences as an assistant to a movie star, coping with the illnesses and subsequent deaths of both of her parents, and an unfailing obsession with a rock star, who happens to look like a long lost Addams Family relative.

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