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The Undeniable Manifesto

By: Jen Bosworth-Ramirez and Gina Pulice


In 2015, Jen was starring in a one woman show, which she also wrote. A famous comedian came to see a dress rehearsal. He was a friend of a friend. He shall remain nameless because, who he is isn’t as important to this story as what he said. After the show he told Jen, “No matter what, be undeniable. People may like you or dislike you but when you are undeniable they cannot refute the very existence of you. When we are undeniable we are unstoppable.”


We have spent so much of our lives trying to get people to like us. To want us. To pick us. And while we didn’t really know better, it’s actually the opposite of a great way to live. It’s painful, it’s hard, and IT DOESN’T WORK. Thinking all we had to do was contort ourselves into impossible little shapes and we would make other people happy, and thus, be happy ourselves...JUST. DIDN’T. WORK. Believe us, we tried. If it worked, we would honestly be the happiest, wealthiest, most at peace ladies you would ever meet. That kind of living isn’t living at all, it’s a shell game within a pyramid scheme that’s actually a cult. It’s the cult of people-pleasing and it’s a dead fucking end. Trust us. 


So then what? What do you do when you realize that living for other people’s approval doesn’t work? Here’s what we did:


We joined forces to create art and build a community. We are on the journey of coming into our own UNDENIABILITY. To us, being Undeniable means showing up in our lives, being brave as hell, telling the stories we need to tell, and creating space for other people to tell their stories, too. We’re writers, podcasters, artists and fierce, badass ladies who give a fuck about people, but not in that old, “pick us, choose us, love us” sort of way we once held as a unconscious mantra. Now it’s more like, “Join us. We dare you.”


We are tired of doing things “the old way.”  Fuck the old way. The old way will tell you you’re not enough and will send you down the rabbit hole of co-dependency, fear, and shame. It will have you chasing your tail for 40 years. Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time. And actually? If you are doing that? You might be in a cult. 


We need you here. And we need you Undeniable. 


We’re Jen Bosworth-Ramirez and Gina Pulice, and we’re UNDENIABLE. And we have a feeling you are, too.  Nice to meet you. 

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